Who am I?

More than 40 years of experience working with sound, breath, voice and silence have only deepened my commitment and intensified my sense of wonder. Moreover, my musical understanding has been complemented by a scientific one.

The basis for everything I do is my interest in the effect of sound on people. This interest combines my decades-long expertise in human interaction, our inner and outer selves, coping with difficulties, finding growth, and discovering new possibilities. Vibrations—which are not just audible but discernible with our entire body—allow us to come closer to ourselves and to every living being.

My work, combining Eastern and Western insight, focuses on what’s deeply human.


“Mindfulness for professionals”
by Edel Maex

“Group sound therapy”
“Group voice therapy”
“One-to-one voice therapy”

at The British Academy of Sound Therapy

“the yoga of sound”
“Advanced yoga teachers training”
by Kia Miller in Los Angeles

“Yoga teacher’s training”
by Robert Makroczy

“Musical History”
by Karel Goeyvaerts

“Classical Singing
by Lucienne Van Deyck and José Van Dam

Pedagogical degree languages, philosophy, psychology and pedagogy

“Music, musical history, singing, ensemble and choir”
by René Van Laken


As sound and voice therapist:

Masterclasses in Belgium and abroad, from Los Angeles to Lapland

Mantra, Sanskrit, Pranayama and voice and silence, in several yoga teacher trainings, among others Yyoga Brussels and Yogalife International. In Belgium and abroad.

Private therapy in Belgium and abroad.

As singer:

among others for the (then) Belgian Radio and Television, the Vlaamse Opera (the Flemish Opera), de philharmonie (the Philharmonic Orchestra) and in several ensembles for contemporary classical music.