This is a holistic therapy session.
We all have small or large blockages—emotionally, mentally or physically. Each form of stress or trauma has its effects on the body.

With this self-reflexive method, combined with the vibrations of my voice, those blockages are relieved.

You can compare it to a browser: if there are too many open tabs, your computer slows down or crashes. This is exactly what happens during a burn-out. By giving your mind a reset, all open tabs are closed and you can go on living your life.

Do you want an appointment?

How does this work exactly?

I’ll ask you to think about what is bothering you, what you’ve been struggling with. You don’t have to tell me what you’re thinking about, but you are always welcome to.

What I do want to know is how you feel, what you feel and where you are feeling it. That’s my basis to work with.

Then you go and lie down on my therapy bed, and I treat you with the vowels and tones that address exactly that part of you that’s stuck. The sound penetrates deeper than anything else could, literally “to the bone.” Then I move on to overtones, that bring your brainwave frequency all the way down to the point just before falling asleep or waking up. This is a very problem-solving-oriented phase. Your brain gets a reset and, for just a moment, becomes quiet. Your breath deepens and your heart rate slows down.

During this time, your brain releases the tensions it usually holds on to. Your organs can finally do their job, detoxing your body, and relaxing your muscles.
Afterwards, I raise your brainwave frequency again through soft percussion.

The second part of the session is made up of custom-made exercises. Breath, gentle movement and working with vowels and consonants to support the flow we have achieved.

You don’t need to root around in the past, because of one simple reason: our brain develops very clever ways to avoid this. Either we have repressed a memory, or we were too little to remember, or maybe, at the time, we didn’t realize how important it would be.

What matters is what you are feeling now.
That’s our starting point.
You cannot stop the vibrations of sound, no matter how clever or astute our brain.
Moreover, it works just as well among deaf people or the hard of hearing, because it’s not “hearing” the sound but their vibrations that does the work.